TZR125 4DL
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TZR125 Track Bike > Running on 3MA electronics > Running on 3MA1 electronics
This development will take some time, as I'm focusing myself now on the 3MA3 setup.
But here you will see the technical/electrical problems to be solved
Lets start at the beginning

Bought a 2RH stator setup, for a starting point
With the three wire high voltage setup
The theory until now fits the imagination
First problem rises, the 2RH stator did not fit into the 4DL rotor.
No problem I thought, a 4FL uses a different flywheel witch is internally bigger
Bought one off those
Sadly (as you can see) the 2RH stator is to small for a 4FL rotor it fits but wont work.
Next step will be to find a three wire high voltage stator in the dimension that will fit a 4FL flywheel.
In this case a 98,0mm stator. (outside dimension)

Currently investigating what's on the marked
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