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Here some Measurements regarding the head.


Placing piston in top dead center

Measuring the Combustion volume.
Measured value: 12,2cc

Measuring the plughole (For future calculations)
Measured value: 2,1cc

Now the head is removed
Sadly it's damaged.

Using a glass plate to measure the head volume

Easy on the last part, filling the air bobble

Completely full
Measured value: 12,3CC

What surprises me is that when the piston is in dead center it is not equally with the ports.
My first thoughts are this could be a problem for the measured values, but it turns out that my track bike has the same problem.
Will need to investigate this in the future

Here is the research engine

Here is the track bike

End conclusion

Combustion volume


head volume

Squish between
1,1 and 1,3mm

A 12,3cc head volume is not (extremely) high.
But the stock squish from 1,1 -1,3 is tighter then I thought

A pressed head gasket is about
0.4mm thick
So when removing the head gasket and go to a O-ring conversion, you go easily under the 1mm mark.

Regarding the combustion volume when removing the head gasket.
Roughly calculated that every 0,1mm is a 0.252cc so the 0,4mm head gasget is 4 X 0,252 = 1,008cc
12,3cc - 1,008cc = 11,292cc

So a
stock head change to O-ring conversion would be around the 11 - 11,5cc combustion volume

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