TZR125 4DL
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TZR125 Track Bike > Running on 3MA electronics > Running on 3MA3 electronics
Let the engine run on 3MA3 electronics

1) For study purpose (bypassing the electronic restrictions)
2) For the mechanically/electrical challenge
3) For the special look (as I'm still 3MA minded)
4) For performance wise (as the ignition curves are well known specially the 0 curve could be a very good setup)

Well for this idea the mechanical challenge will be the biggest problem (in the terms off the lob location and length) electronically it will be relative easy by making a customized wiring loom.
The TZR 4DL pickup location is different compared to the TZR 3MA location so this needs to be set correct.
The flywheel lob on the 4DL flywheel needs to be shorted so it matches the 3MA locatio and length

Easier sad then done so lets start in the "construction" section.
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