TZR125 4DL
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Collecting CDI info

TZR125 Research > TZR125R IC inside the CDI

Because there is hardly any info regarding the TZR125 4DL CDI thought it would be nice to investigate this part further.
Always good to know how thinks work

Because the CDI is completely sealed, need to cut the plastic box

Started to submerged the unit into petrol

Slowly components came visible, her the IC

The capacitor came free

After three days it was clean

Because it is clearly visible that we talk about a Fujitsu MB885003H IC So the layout is known and it is easy to power it up with a 5V power supply.
A quick measurement showed the incoming pickup signal and the outgoing ignition signal

Pin19 is the incoming pickup signal
Pin29 is the outgoing ignition signal

Will be needing my eight channel oscilloscope as there is a lot off thinks happening.
First measurements show that it behaves similar to the TZR250 3MA CDI

-Below 33HZ the outgoing ignition signal is gone.
-The thyristor gate is getting a signal from the circuitbord from 5Hz till 58,5HZ
-After 58,5HZ the IC is taking over and control's the thyristor gate
-Etc etc

Measurements to follow

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