TZR125 4DL
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Dellorto VHSB34

TZR125 Track Bike
On the search for some HP I'm planning to try a 34mm Dellorto. Hope this will bring me 1HP on average.
Currently looking for 1,5 HP perhaps this will do the trick
I thought that the 34mm Dellorto would roughly be the same dimensions.
It turnout to be huge compare to a 32mm Dellorto
This will need work to fit
So took as much off as I could, but needed to keep it safe.
Outside dimension now at 41,2mm
Shorten the length also to the 32mm dimensions
Also made a rounding in it to hold the carb ones in place
And finally it fits the oem rubber.
The rubber needs work to but that will be the next step
The next question would be does it fit, well it does. It is tight but yes it fits.
I run a 5mm spacer on the trackbike so that will give it a bid more space.
Until now it is all good
It has so free play at the side
Also some free play at the bottom

Update: 02-05-2018

Because the engine failed after just a few runs with the 34mm I investigate what the problem could be.
One thing I noticed is the small oilfeed pipe that was mounted on the carb, almost have the size off a oem yamaha one.
This is one off the thinks I wanted to change, as I like to be sure that the engine gets it oil

Didn't had the right material, so went from big to small
Drill a hole off 2,5 instead off the 2.0 original (yamaha)
Slowly I'm getting there
It starts to look great
Stock vs. homemade
Here you see clearly the difference between stock (rs125) vs. the homemade one.
This will give the oil some flow
Taped it in, and it looks like it sits perfect
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