TZR125 4DL
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TZR125 R and RR

TZR125 Research

Performances differences

The idea is that the RR has a bid more power than a R model.
Can not confirm this yet, but it sounds logical.

To find a combination (between R and RR parts) witch gives the R model more power I need to investigate thinks.
Have divided it in four components witch should makes (engine wise) the differences.

1) CDI.
2) Exhaust.
3) Airbox.
4) Carburation.

Sadly I couldn't find any difference in those.
Same ignition curves stored inside.
Witch is not logical. But it seems to bee the case.

Recently scored a RR exhausts in a good condition.
It will be measured and tested on dyno to see the differences.


The RR airbox has two inlets and the R airbox has one inlet.
This modification is done for a reason, so they will be tested on the dyno to see if it gains us a bid.


There is a differences in carb setup, it may suggest that these settings are done for the airbox.
Will investigate this.


Schieber: 60
Nadel: U21
HD: 148
LLD: 38
Chokedüse: 60

Schieber: 55
Nadel: U23
HD:  165
LLD: 38
Chokedüse: 60

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