TZR125 4DL
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TZR125 Road Dyno

Today I tested the new setup and the movement off the ignition plate.
The first test off the RR exhaust where done without re-jetting the stock R so test where done with a 148Main.
This turns out to be lean, and the rpm was revving higher then it should be.
Now with the jetting more suitable for the use off a RR exhaust the peak power drops from a 11.500rpm to a +/-10.500RPM
Now you can see what the jetting does. It kept me thinking.

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Here two runs with ignition on stock setting.
Getting a 22,2HP

Here two runs with ignition on two degrees more.
Getting a 22,4HP

Here two runs with ignition on four degrees more.
Getting a 23,3HP

Here the runs with ignition set on stock, two and four degrees.
You can see clearly that the more advance you give the less it revs

Here a shot stock vs. four degrees

Shifting trough the gears

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