TZR125 4DL
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Dyno Spacers

TZR125 Track Dyno

Today I tested the spacers.
Sadly the Y-2 cylinder is performing worse than the Y-1 Cylinder (will investigate this)
The spacers it self did not brought me much gain, although had hoped it would do more. It helped to rev the engine more and gained +/-0,2HP
Have monitored a couple runs to explain. Runs with a 158Main and 168main
(the lowest and higher gives the best explanation, al steps between is within these runs)

Here you have a picture with the spacer, clearly you can see the C-port is free now.
Had hoped this would gained me a bid, but sadly it only brought a small over rev possibility

Here you have a run with a 158main without spacer.
The 158Main is where I left when testing the cut legs

Here a run with 158main with the spacers

And here to compare them with and without

Same is done when going up on the mains as the 158 is to lean.
Ended up with 168main, here a run without spacer with a 168main

Here a run with 168main with spacer

And here you can see the differences with and without spacers wit a 168main

But sometime you have to ask yourself what the hell I'm dong working in a open workshop in 10 degrees

Cooling down and blowing the exhaust gases outside the workshop.
It was already 10degrees, it wasn't getting any hotter doing this.

Here you can see the EGT at work.
Not great visible, but you can see it rises when RPM goes up and cools down when open full throttle in the low revs

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