TZR125 4DL
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TZR125 Research

Because there is not much info known about these 4DL CDI's I tested a R and RR
Thought that there could be a different ignition map stored in these CDI's between the R and RR

Sadly I couldn't find any difference.

Made a pulse generator from a original pickup so the Incoming signal would be like oem.

First setup: Is to find some usable signals to compare the two CDI's

Second setup: Connect both CDI's so they use one pickup and I could measure the two ignition pulses.

Here you have a simulated running engine at 75Hz

Here at 93Hz

Here at 175Hz

Here at 210Hz

As you can see the two smaller pulses are the ignition signals from the R and RR.
Throughout the RPM range they stay exactly the same.
So sadly there is no different ignition map stored in the RR CDI

Also noticed that there is a RPM signal coming out from Black/yellow wire. (ypvs wire)
So the YPVS motor has its own electrical circuit to open the exhaust valve at different RPM's using only the rpm signal from the CDI.

For reverence, here you have the stock 4DL ignition curve.

DT125R vs TZR125 4DL

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