TZR125 4DL
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TZR125 4DL Restricted YPVS

TZR125 Research

Perhaps well known under TZR125 specialists, but unknown under beginners.
Therefore a small explanation about Restricted and De-restricted YPVS on a TZR125 4DL
The De-restricted YPVS will give full power.

As you can see on my bike the YPVS was restricted.
(ypvs pully set in Open position)

YPVS pully set in Open position.

When you remove the pully carefully in restricted version. (pully in open position)
This is what you see.

There is a original mark (dot) that is machined on the YPVS it self.
This mark can be used roughly for a quick setup.
Shown here the two possibilities.
1) Dot verses top mark.
2) Dot verses frond mark

Do to the special design off the YPVS pully it can be set in two positions.
Shown here

After changing the YPVS pully to full power setup.
The YPVS is open.
(Check if necessary with finger to feel if all is OK)

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