TZR125 4DL
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Dyno results after rebuild

TZR125 Track Dyno

Today I did my first runs on the newly set dyno
I'm not that happy, as it looks like I'm missing 0,5HP but that is not certain. (because it where just a couple off runs to see how she is handling)

What can I say.
Have changed two thinks at the cylinder.
1) change the flow off the transfers
2) change the flow on the lower legs
You can see the changing's here.(Scroll to the bottom)

One thing is nice, she is running again after the small setback

First results are 26,7HP

-Stock ignition (set 5 degrees more)
-34mm carb with 143 main

To get some comparisons
Here you have the 34mm with 145Main(orange)
vs 143Main (143Main is also with the small changing's at the cylinder)

Here you see the 32mm (red) vs the 34mm (143 and 145Main)
Good to see that the 34 is gaining al lot in the mid section, but on top there is still work to do.

Here you see the max losses I have now. (1HP in total)
Setup is the same only deference is the carb

Hope to find it all back

Update 04-05-2018

Today I inspectedthe 34mm carb better as it was leaking and not running correct.
It turns out that some clown had worked on it as parts where bend and changed. Stupid off me that I didn't see it before.
Anyhow, after replacing the parts the bike is running better and after more than 25 runs still Ok so that brings a bid more confident.

Look how bent it is compared with a original one.

Also they had grinned at the bowl

Well after using the parts from the 32mm carb (its the same) to get the carb in good condition, the engine ran better.
As you can see have the 27,2 back
Today vs. yesterday

Here she goes

After the runs I removed the exhaust to see if there is any sine's of pre ignition or to lean.
It seems to look all right, some marks at the back but that is not uncommon

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