TZR125 4DL
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TZR125 Track Bike > Running on 3MA electronics > Running on 3MA3 electronics
Measuring the flywheel lob length/position compared to TDC, with the use off a timing clock
Measured 2,1mm from TDC to end flywheel lob
To see the end flywheel lob agenst the pickup center it needs a inspection point
Well her it is
Here is the oem 4DL stator mounted with the inspection hole, with a timing clock
Measured 1,5mm from TDC to end flywheel lob
Next step will be to shorten the 4DL flywheel lob to match the location as a 3MA3 flywheel
Also need to balance the flywheel again du to the removed material

So far the info
4DL=1,5mm from TDC this is 17,88 degrees (logical as the ignition fires from a 4DL at the end of the lobe till +/-2500rpm at 18 degrees)
3MA=2,1mm from TDC this is 21,2 degrees (logical as the ignition from a 3MA3 fires at the end of the lobe till +/-2500rpm at 21 degrees

until now all good
Update 22-03-20

New plan, instead of shortening the lobe I tend to leave it like this (saves me balancing the flywheel)

We know that the 3MA CDI fires until +/-2000rpm at the back off the lob after that it goess to the front of the lobe to its programmed ignition curves.
Because the 4DL lobe is longer than the 3MA lobe this point will jump and can be seen with the timing light.
I only need to mark a new firering point on the flywheel where it is marked 21 degrees (base line for the 3MA3 CDI)
By turning the stator plate so the ignition fires at 21degrees (after firing point back off the lobe) I'll will have it spot on.

Well this is all theoretical we will see how it goes in practice.
Made a bid space so I could turn the stator to both sides.
Must say it starts to get fragile, but this is only for testing, when it works will use an other side cover
Well, now I can turn it clock and anti clockwise to get my 21 degree firing point

Next step is to connect it all and see how it goes
Update 23-03-20

I have started on the new wiring loom, it wil only keep the necessary connections for all the components to work no mor no less.
Connections for:

1) CDI unit
2) Ypvs unit
3) TPS sensor
4) Speed limiter circuit

Lets start cutting
Connected both CDI's to a stock 3MA3 wiring loom to see which cables can be cut.
The result is a way tighter wiring loom, with only the essentials attached
A quick testing run confirms that the right cables are cut, this system is working.
The next step will be to tighten it up, make it pretty again
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