TZR125 4DL
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Ignitech and Zeeltronic

First Ignitech runs are promising, gained 1HP more with a relative quickly made ignition curve.
Sadly I could not get the ypvs to work, thought that i could use the second coil pulse for the ypvs signal but it did not work like that.
So I had to measure from 8000rpm because everything below the engine had trouble to get the drum rolling

But for the first results it looks promising

First runs with 14 degrees at 10800rpm

Second runs with 15 degrees at 10800rpm

Third runs with 16 degrees at 10800rpm

Her a comparison
Stock ignition +5 degrees (green) vs Igitech (red)

Will contact ignitech if I can use the second coil signal to give the three wire servo its rpm signal

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