TZR125 4DL
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Ignitech and Zeeltronic


One off the two brand names witch are affordable for amateurs and enthusiasts.
A fully adjustable ignition curve and ypvs curve are the main features, but also more possibilities are possible like shift light, curve switch, etc etc
More info here:

Have mounted the Zeeltronic on my road going bike for future testing.

To find the correct static angular made the following setup.
Look through the 8mm hole at the oem ignition mark. (on side cover)
Then the marks on the flywheel should bee seen just before the first mark
80degrees is spot on

Here you see it with the timing light

Connected and programmed as we speak

Running with live view

First setup.
The two curve switch is the oem run/off switch on the right side

Curve 2 is the  stock curve as close as i can get it.
Curve 1 is the firsts test curve (power curve) for testing on dyno

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