TZR125 4DL
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Dyno lifted transfers

TZR125 Track Dyno

Today I tested the special cylinder with lifted transfers.
Must say I'm pleased that I gained 0,5HP more, sadly it is less what I hoped for
I ended up with a 27,7HP

A total of 46 runs today, with differed setups

Started with the 168Main where I left it
On average with the 168Main Hp is around the 27,6

I had hoped to see more so thought perhaps it is lean now.
Made a big jump to see where I needed to go, mounted a 175Main
On average with the 175Main Hp is around the 27,3 (going down)

Not going the way as hoped so mounted a 162Main
Best result 27,7 (going up)

Was going in a good direction so mounted a 158Main
On average with the 158Main Hp is around the 27,5 (going down)

Here a run with the 158 vs the 175

Had one lucky run with 28,1HP but I don't count this one.

Here the difference between the special cylinder as it was and how it is with lifted transfers with a 168Main

One off the best 27,7HP at 10872rpm

Still far away from the 30HP
Next step is the free programmable ignition, perhaps I can gain the next 0,5HP with that.
Will continue

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