TZR125 4DL
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TZR125 Road Dyno

DYNO DAY 14-07-2018

Today tested several ignition curve to find the best on.
Did a total off 32 runs with a outside temperature of +32 degrees
(not the best combination for man and machine)
Think this has some influence on performance as well, but ended with a good 24,1HP at 10600rpm

32 Runs

Her you have the runs with 12 and 13 degrees at peek power.

Her you have the runs with 14 and 15 degrees at peek power.

Her you have the runs with 15 and 16 degrees at peek power.

Here the best run with 14 degrees at peek power.
The Difference between 14 or 15 degrees is minimal, so for safety I used 14

Always interesting to know how it shifts through the gears, peeking at 23,3HP is not bad

And how does that sounds

And final the difference between:
Stock engine + 4 degrees oem ignition
VS. Stock engine + O-ring head and Zeel

Corrected the old run to the new dyno setup (without starter as that was not pressed at the time)
The 4 degrees more on a oem CDI makes the ignition point at peek power the same.
See green curve (+4 with oem CDI) vs the Red curve (the zeel)
The higher mid section on the zeel and higher compression gives the difference of 1,5HP
But comparing like this is difficult as weather and temperature do play a role

Note: Red curve is the stock ignition +4

      Green is the Zeel

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