TZR125 4DL
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TZR125 Stock Performance

TZR125 Research

Well the idea was to use stock components (from the TZR125 range) to combine them for maximum power.
At the beginning I was enthusiast but somehow they combined/used parts from different bikes witch are not mend for each other..

Will highlight some components:

3MB servo motor

This servomotor is used on the R and RR but its opening sequence is less ideally for a higher rpm motor

It is opening to soon and closing to soon.
It starts opening at
5400RPM and is fully open at 9600RPM

CDI unit

The ignition curve looks like it is very save.
We know the R and RR uses the same ignition module. So no options here.

Perhaps the use off a other CDI unit may bring a bid, but on this quest we can only use the parts that directly fit.
(otherwise we can use a free programmable ignition with will fix most of the problems)


This is not that bad.

TZR R   exhaust peeks at +/-10.500RPM
TZR RR exhaust peeks at +/-10.500RPM


A R uses a smaller volume Airbox then a RR airbox
The RR airbox also has two inlet's while the R uses one.

The RR airbox is designed for the higher RPM exhaust. (from the RR)
It allows a higher airflow, and has a bigger buffer/volume to keep it steady.

Therefore I have used the RR airbox

What's left?

The only think I can think off is to lift the whole Ignition curve a couple degrees up.
A 4 degrees more will do the trick.

To get close to that, decided to make the ignition adjustable.

Made it adjustable by changing the mounting points.
Now I can change from stock to a 4 degrees more advange.

Used a spare cover, as the original one is still perfect.

Made some marks for testing.

-Stock setting. (as in the picture)
-2 degrees advange.
-4 degrees advange.

Here you can see it moving

Hope this will bring something next time on the dyno.

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