TZR125 4DL
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What did What

TZR125 Track Dyno

To give a better view what did what here the steps taken on the Y-1 and Y-2 cylinders

Y-1 Cylinder

First curve is
22,6HP (Ignition set in stock position (a relative stock engine now))
Second curve is
24,8HP (Ignition set 6 degrees more advance)
Third curve is
26HP (Ignition set 6 degrees and head conversion to O-ring)

Sadly the next step I did was cutting the cylinder legs and that was a bad idea costing 2HP and back to 24HP

Y-2 cylinder

Sadly the Y-2 cylinder is performing worst than the Y-1 Cylinder, therefore needed to change a lot to get more out of it

First curve
24,7HP (Y-2 cylinder with O-ring conversion Ignition set 6 degrees)
Second curve
25,5HP (Lifted the Y-2 cylinder 0,9mm Ignition set 6 degrees and reduce that on top to maintain a 12,5cc head volume)
Third curve
26,5HP (lifted changed Y-2 cylinder Ignition set 6 degrees and O-ring conversion)

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