TZR125 4DL
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TZR125 with CRS125 exhaust

TZR125 Track Bike
This idea came from looking at other 125 performance bikes, they all have short large belly exhausts and peek around 11500rpm
While my TZR has a large and small belly (around 110mm) and it peeks at 10500rpm
I want to see if a shorter larger belly exhaust is pushing me in the right direction.

Because I have a CRS125 exhaust ling around coming from a kart engine, its almost logical to make that one fit the TZR and see what it does.
Bore X stoke are the same, cylinder port heights are close. So a relative good match
The dimensions off the CRS exhaust.
A nice 133mm belly

At the top lying the CRS exhaust below a other kart exhaust with a larger belly
Needed to make a flange that fits the TZR

Working the outside diameter
Starting with the flange it self
Final diameter ready
Need to drill the holes
With holes and bush
Welded together.
(Not my best work I know)
And there she fits
Cut the top off the CRS exhaust, and grind it in so it could bend easier
Difference between them

Welded the top back.
(its not super tight but for testing it is ok)
A nice short fat pipe.
Could be interesting to dyno
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